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working with our designer
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Working with Our Designer

Designing our customer’s dream kitchen requires an exceptional combination of technical expertise and a sense of beauty. We reflect this idea in fine custom cabinetry, finishes, materials, and high-performance appliances.



One of the initial stages of the design process is to help our client envision their new kitchen. Our designers not only translate the design into lifelike plans that accurately show your devices, but also manages material specifications, finishes and other details.



Our kitchen designers are equipped to answer clients’ questions effortlessly based on their in-depth knowledge of materials. This expertise also applies when it comes to choosing materials for floors, baseboards and cabinet fronts, always taking appearance and durability into account.



Professional equipment, much like ingredients, must be of the highest quality and add something to the final dish. With the added aesthetic consideration, our designers are here to work with your appliance professional to find equipment that performs exceptionally.

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* Gaggenau Cooktop/400 Series

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