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Vision & Approach

Werki by D’s approach is characterized by unique identity, clarity, and ingenuity. All projects begin with an open exchange of ideas between client and designer. The client’s program and desires, along with the complexities and context of the site, are used to create a conceptual design within your budget. Combining soulful elegance with disciplined implementation, as well as attentive designer-client collaboration, Werki by D brings a distinctive and authentic voice to each project.

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About us
About Us

Hi and welcome to WERKI by D, a kitchen design studio, founded by Devorah Werner. Her love for timeless and elegant kitchens has inspired Devorah to create a unique interactive kitchen design process for our clients. We are a dedicated team of designers that seamlessly work with all parties in the industry to execute your project in a timely manner and within your budget. Werki by D specializes in
full-service, high-end kitchen design, supported by an in-house dealer and an installer to streamline the kitchen process from preliminary design phase through full kitchen functionality. Ensuring that your kitchen is attentively cared for from inception to completion is our goal. Browse through our projects and allow your inspiration to flow. We look forward to working with you.

  • Discovery

  • Conceptual Design 

  • Floor Plans & Organization 

  • Draft & Quotation 

  • Agreement & Acknowledgment 

  • Production

  • Transportation

  • Delivery & Installation 

  • Punch list completion 

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