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This spacious hub of a home perfectly marries the classic shaker style with contemporary touches.

Mixing two style elements within a space is a great way to evoke interest. The shaker canopy works perfectly with the slatted detail. These simple designs and neutral colors ensure that the kitchen will remain classic and timeless. Complemented by Calacatta marble and brass hardware, this kitchen delivers both the calming characteristic of the contemporary and the maturity depth of the classic style.



 If James Bond had a kitchen this would be it. A dark, masculine and workhorse of a kitchen dressed in a perfectly tailored tux.

Bursting with hidden drama and intrigue, this blue-black kitchen gives a clean, sharp feel with minimal ornate door style and concealed hardware. The contrast of light and dark is bold and dramatic. We drew inspiration from the deep brass tones from the Paonazzo marble and had the fixtures colored to match.


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